The artists' home

The home that Johannes and Alhed Larsen created became a key meeting place for the artists of the time. Today, the home looks very much as it did when the Larsen family were living there.

A gathering point for artists

The art on the walls of the house are evidence of how Kerteminde played a vital role in Denmark’s cultural life in the early 20th century. Artists, poets and writers visited the home, and several stayed there for extended periods of time. Young artists visited Johannes Larsen in quest of advice and guidance from the famous artist.

Johannes Larsen Museet

Daylight from one side only in all the rooms

In 1901, the foundation stone for the house on Møllebakken was laid. The Skagen architect, Ulrik Plesner had been commissioned to design the house on the basis of Johannes Larsen’s watercolour renderings. Johannes and Alhed Larsen were clearly demanding clients and had their own ideas about architecture and interiors. They were steadfast in their demand that each room should only get daylight from one side, so as not to cause disorder shadow-wise. Nothing was left to chance and all fixtures were carefully selected.

Udsigt fra spisestuen gennem havestuen