The Collection

The museum’s permanent collection features works by Johannes Larsen and Fritz Syberg, and many of the other artists associated with the Funen Painters  or Kerteminde.

Johannes Larsen and Fritz Syberg

Fritz and Anna Syberg moved to Kerteminde in 1902. The two artist friends, Fritz Syberg and Johannes Larsen made the area famous in the world of art. As an artist, Syberg is particularly well known for his depictions of the dramatic nature of Fyns Hoved and the agricultural landscape northwest of Kerteminde; while Larsen is renowned for his maritime motifs and landscape, the world of his and Alhed’s home and, of course, birds. The collection features a wide range of major works by Fritz Syberg and Johannes Larsen.

JL Gravænder (1942)

The Swanes

Like her brother, Johannes Larsen’s sister, Christine became an artist. In 1910, she married the painter Sigurd Swane and, although they divorced in 1920, it was under the name of Christine Swane that she became one of Denmark’s best-known early female Modernists. For a period of time, the two artists lived in Kerteminde. There are also works by their son, Lars Swane in the museum’s collection.

Swane, Christine Opstilling på kakkelbord med blomster, brændevinshund og vifte 1945 Olie 65 x 50 JLM 2-907 Foto Ole Friis