The workshop

Johannes Larsen referred to his studio as his ‘workshop’. It was here he created a large number of his major and well-known works. Right next to Johannes Larsen’s studio is the smaller workshop of Alhed Larsen. Both studios have direct access to Alhed’s beautiful conservatory.

A space for creation

The workshop was built in 1916, designed by the architect Carl Petersen, who had recently designed Faaborg Museum. On the studio ceiling hangs a painting of storks in flight by Johannes Larsen. It was a preliminary study for a ceiling painting, which now adorns the ceiling of the Queen’s Library at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. There are also a large number of significant paintings, drawings and graphic works. In this single room they disclose what Johannes Larsen wanted his art to express.

Alhed Larsen’s studio is somewhat smaller than her husband’s, but also contains a number of her distinguished works. The piano reflects Alhed Larsen’s role and personality as the outgoing, creative hostess of the artists’ home.

Østfyns museer

Alhed Larsen’s conservatory

Alhed Larsen had a conservatory built against the south-facing wall of the workshop. It was here that orchids and other rare plants thrived together with a myriad of classic houseplants. Today there are small goldfish in the pool.

Bassinet i vinterhaven på Johannes Larsen Museet