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Johannes and Alhed Larsen created a home around them, which became a central meeting place for contemporary artists. Today, the home is mostly as it was when it was inhabited by the Larsen family.

Gathering place for artists

The art on the walls of the villa bears witness to how Kerteminde became an important place for Danish intellectual life at the beginning of the 20th century. Artists, poets, and writers came to visit the home, and several also had longer stays. Young artists visited Johannes Larsen with hopes of getting advice and guidance from the famous artist.

Only daylight from one side in every room

In 1901, the foundation for the house on Møllebakken was laid. Skagen-architect Ulrik Plesner had been commissioned to design the house according to Johannes Larsen’s sketches – paid for in watercolors. Johannes and Alhed Larsen were without a doubt demanding builders with their own ideas about architecture and interior design. It was thus a firm principle that each room should only receive daylight from one side so as not to have disorder in the shadow conditions. Nothing was left to chance, and all furnishings were carefully selected.

1902: Moving in
1985: Museum

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