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At the Johannes Larsen Museum, a large number of volunteers contribute to the museum being able to offer even more to its audience.

Join in where it’s fun for you

Several different groups of volunteers have been established at the Johannes Larsen Museum.

  • “Bag ladies”: A small group of hard-working ladies meet a few times a month and make envelopes and bags of posters, which are then sold in the shop.
  • Guided tours: Some of our tours are conducted by volunteer enthusiasts.
  • Custodian guards: We have custodians in both villa and special exhibition. Here, the volunteers welcome guests, guide, help in our café and answer any questions.
  • Help with openings, concerts and other events: It is a great, great help for the museum to be able to draw on volunteer forces when events are held.
  • The garden group: Volunteers with a green thumb take care of the herb garden and also help a little with the rest of Johannes Larsen’s large garden.
  • The Swan Mill Group: The beautiful, old mill is lovingly restored and maintained by volunteers.
  • Rylen: Join in maintaining and sailing with the expedition ship Rylen.
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