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At the harbor in Kerteminde you can see the famous ship “Rylen”, which Johannes Larsen sailed on an expedition to the islands of Denmark in the 1920s. During the summer periods, the ship can be out on new expeditions and can be experienced around the Danish waters.

The ship that rediscovered the islands

In May 1921, Johannes Larsen set out on the first voyage with the expedition ship “Rylen”, a rebuilt Kerteminde belt boat, to, together with Achton Friis, describe the Danish island’s nature and population. The idea came from the poet Jeppe Aakjær, who saw a need for a description to be made of the Danish islands. Achton Friis, who had been part of the large Danish expedition to Greenland, found the idea clear-cut. But he wanted a painter with him. “The one who possessed the best qualities to do his work”. For Achton Friis, it could only be Johannes Larsen. And he immediately said yes. The collaboration resulted in the work “The Danes’ Islands”, which was published in the years 1926 – 1928. The material for the work was collected over four years of summer expeditions from 1921-24.

After the voyages in the 1920s, the boat was sold, but more than 50 years later, Johannes Larsen’s grandson, Jeppe, found the boat in a small Southern Funen harbor. It was then purchased and restored by the museum.


Rylen in the water

Rylen on new expeditions

During the summer periods, there are not many demurrage days in Kerteminde. On the contrary, “Rylen” is seen as a diligent and characteristic guest around the Danish waters. The local artist, Jens Bohr, sails as a skipper every year on a summer trip with a number of different artists – painters and graphic artists, who in their own way continue Johannes Larsen’s tradition of depicting the Danish islands and coasts. Jørgen Flindt Pedersen and Erik Skibsted have also released three DVDs about Rylen’s Expeditions.

A small group of volunteers contribute to the work of maintaining Rylen and sailing with it.

Become a volunteer

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