Alfio Bonanno

The exhibition represents the first retrospective show of Alfio Bonanno’s works. It will include installations, paintings, photographs and much more.

The exhibition will give an overview of Bonanno’s comprehensive works. In this way, it will range broadly from painting, which Bonanno developed during his early years in Rome, to the more experimental formats, including his installations that are specific to a certain place, and his land art; the lyrical interpretations of nature that grab at the essence of nature. Last but not least, his political works; they deal with highly current subjects like organic food, global warming, the refugee crisis, etc. The artwork will vary from close-up studies on paper to large installations, where he uses a variety of media.

Alfio Bonanno: “Keong”, 2002. Art of Bamboo. Nitiprayan, Java, Indonesien. Photo: Alfio Bonanno

The exhibition catalogue

On the occasion of the exhibition, the first comprehensive book about Bonanno in Denmark is being published. The acknowledged English art historian, Amy Dempsey, has written the main article in the publication and the curator of the exhibition, Christian Kortegaard Madsen, presents an in-depth interview with the artist. In addition, the book includes an illustrated biography.

The book is in Danish and English, with a resumé in Italian. It is richly illustrated with photos of artwork, sketches and documentary/photographic material from diverse projects.

About Alfio Bonanno

Alfio Bonanno (b. 1947) is an internationally know Sicilian-born artist living on Langeland in Denmark. He is behind some of the largest and most notable outdoor art installations in Denmark and is represented with projects around the world.

Alfio Bonanno has made his mark as one of the most influential living artists, who  practices experimental art in nature on a global scale. In his installations, Bonanno connects the local with the global, as he uses community-building activities to create epoch-making encounters between art, ecology and people. Bonanno has worked in countries like Italy, Japan, England, Canada, USA, Monaco, Finland, Norway, Belgium, France, Indonesia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Holland, Ireland, Sweden, Hungary, Scotland, Spain and Australia. He has been represented in both solo and group exhibitions in a great many important international museums, funds and galleries, including the prestigious Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark.