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Dressed as Johannes Larsen, the museum’s teacher, the artist Ole Vedby Jørgensen, shows the students around Johannes Larsen’s villa, garden, and workshop.

The course is dialogue-based and based on a story about the place, the person Johannes Larsen, and about Danish visual art from 1900 to 1930. Along the way, the teacher will also talk about painting techniques and composition.

Ole Vedby Jørgensen is a convincing actor, and you are quickly captured by his story, which is delivered anecdotally and with great confidence.

Through creative and dialogical communication, the course teaches students about Johannes Larsen and his life, life attitude, and view of nature. In addition, the course includes learnings about art in the turbulent years from 1900 to 1930 (from realistic, impressionist and to expressionist painting), as well as knowledge of color use, painting style, and composition.

The practicalities

Place: The Johannes Larsen Museum, Møllebakken 14, Kerteminde
Duration: 1 hour
Target audience: 0.-4. grade

Subjects: Danish and visual arts
Price: DKK 550 or FREE if school classes and kindergarten groups are from Kerteminde or Nyborg Municipalities.

School classes and kindergarten groups always have free admission to the museum.

Contact: Gudrun Katrine Heltoft on   tel. 51 29 87 40 or e-mail: [email protected]

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