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Special exhibition: HINDSHOLM. The island connected with the mainland

UNTIL JUNE 12, 2022
The special exhibition “HINDSHOLM. The island connected with the mainland” focuses on a special piece of Danish coastal and cultural landscape – the Johannes Larsen Museum’s beautiful neighbor to the north, the peninsula Hindsholm. The exhibition is an ambitious and visionary project with six of today’s leading Danish photographers (Christina Capetillo, Kirsten Klein, Kurt Rodahl Hoppe, Peter Brandes, Charlotte Haslund-Christensen, and Mikkel Østergaard), who will draw a portrait of the area’s cultural and scenic qualities. Behind the project’s idea, organization, and curation is Finn Thrane, former director of the Photo Museum at Brandts.

The Johannes Larsen Museum – with the subtitle “for art and nature” – has a special focus on the landscape and nature. Hindsholm, including Fyns Hoved, was a favorite motif among the Funen Painters, and especially Johannes Larsen and Fritz Syberg have found inspiration for many works on the northeastern Funen peninsula, and many of these can be experienced on Møllebakken.

Take part in a modern regional description of “Hindsholm. The island connected with the mainland”, when six camera artists give a contemporary take on the landscape, as significant parts of it today are man-made and – together with the architecture of the villages and the manor house – can in so far be considered a piece of collective aesthetics. The project thus puts the museum’s own collection and specifically the art of Funen painters into perspective. Threads are also drawn to the tradition from the Danish description of nature and people, which Achton Friis and Johannes Larsen created a hundred years ago.

The expanded concept of landscape, in which the human imprint plays a significant role, is also expected to provide space for some of the landscape’s residents, both people and their personal universes. Last but not least, the project highlights the development in a Danish outlying area, at the same time as the history, life, and moods on Hindsholm unfold in a captivating and magical way.

Exhibition book

Hindsholm. Den landfaste ø ”has also been published as an independent book written and edited by Finn Thrane and published by Wunderbuch. Part of the edition will accompany the exhibition in a special museum edition.
You can buy it HERE or in the museum shop.

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