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March 18 to June 4, 2023
Photographer Janne Klerk has created an exhibition about immersion, the nature, and the cosmos, which can be experienced at the Johannes Larsen Museum in the spring of 2023

Janne Klerk’s landscape depictions of Denmark have almost classic status, and they include work based on the traditions of the Golden Age. This time she focuses on natural phenomena that have been experienced up close, but hold great perspectives. “Reflections at the foot of the sky” consists of photographs taken of the same lake, measuring 100 meters in diameter and taking five minutes to walk around. The concept behind the exhibition, which has previously been shown in f.e. Rundetaarn, was created in collaboration with Videnskabsår22. The exhibition shows a series of large photographic reflections, which bring nature, man, and the cosmos together to interact, and bring nature into the exhibition space. The exhibition is accompanied by a book by Janne Klerk with texts by author Gitte Broeng and astrophysicist and professor Anja C. Andersen.

“Once you have noticed all the parallels that exist between motifs in the water mirror and the ways in which us humans mirror each other, act, and communicate, then the water mirror becomes a fascinating and rich phenomenon.”

According to Janne Klerk, these reflections are not just a visualization of the brief moments that occur. It is also playing with the light as it unfolds in the color space that plays out between the atmosphere and the subject below and above the water surface. The reflections in the water combine and form a fascinating picture of how we humans also contain several layers in our dialogues and our being among each other.

The project has its origins in Janne Klerk’s previous exhibition and book “Denmark’s Coasts”, which was created in the years 2011-2014. For 3 years she traveled along the sky’s reflections in the sea, to great inspiration. The travels were the cause of many reflections on the light, the many colors of nature, the sky, and the forces of the sea. Magnificent impressions. In the work with “Reflections at the foot of the sky”, the impressions and considerations have not lessened for Janne Klerk, despite the very small area the lake covers, in relation to the sky and the sea around Denmark. A big and small world with the same thoughtful impression. The motifs that emerged in the lake’s water surface became more and more interesting during the photography, creating a metaphor for the reflections that are constantly taking place between people and our surroundings. Reflections in eternal motion, unpredictable and complex like the water mirror. The motifs took the form of all kinds of states, from mildness, calm, and peace, to drama, turbulence and chaos.

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