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Johannes Larsen called his studio his “workshop”. Here, he created a large number of his great and well-known works. Right next to Johannes Larsen’s studio is Alhed Larsen’s small workshop. Both studios have access directly to Alhed’s beautiful conservatory.

Alhed Larsen’s Winter Garden

Up the south wall of the workshop, Alhed Larsen established a conservatory. Here, among other things, she made orchids and other rare plants thrive side by side with a wealth of classic potted plants. In the pool today there are small goldfish.

Room for creations

The workshop was built in 1916 and was designed by the architect Carl Petersen, who had recently designed the Faaborg Museum. In the studio’s ceiling hangs Johannes Larsen’s picture of flying storks. It is a preparatory work for a ceiling painting, which can be found in the Queen’s Hand Library at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen. In addition, a large number of important paintings, drawings and graphic works can be seen and in one single room show what Johannes Larsen wanted to with his art.

Alhed Larsen’s studio is smaller than her husband’s, but it contains a number of her fine works as well. The piano reflects Alhed Larsen’s role and personality as the artist home’s sociable and creative hostess.

sommerudstiling Alhed Larsen 2022 arkiv


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